Consulting and Policy Assistance


We believe that each child care program should have access to a Child Care Health Consultant (CCHC) who can provide consultation and technical assistance on child care issues. The Child Care Health Consultant is an experienced nurse who provides expert guidance and technical assistance to child care providers, including in-home care providers, on a wide range of health and safety topics to include special health, medical and behavior needs. Through our partnership we will:

  • Conduct child care staff training on topics such as daily health observation, blood borne pathogens and communicable disease prevention, playground safety and supervision, MAT training, SIDS, FA/CPR, etc.
  • Assess health safety needs and practices in the child care setting
  • Help caregivers develop strategies for caring for children with special health needs
  • Assist the provider in establishing policies and procedures for health/safety emergencies
  • Offer solutions for managing injuries or infectious diseases within the child care setting
  • Connect caregivers and families with community health care resources and experts
  • Provide up-to-date information on the latest guidelines, policies, and information regarding child health and safety
  • Offer hands-on support through telephone advice and/or regular on-site visits
  • Provide community resource and referral information

We will provide ongoing health consultation in response to health questions, needs, or issues as they arise. Recommendations can be made to help reinforce and build on positive things already being done, be cost-effective, and be easily implemented. Our advice will be clear and simple, outlined verbally and in writing, if possible. Our information and advice may be provided by telephone,  e-mail, or in-person at the your center. Referrals to other resources may be given.