Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Child Care Health Consultant?

A Child Care Health Consultant is a trained health professional who works with child care professionals to recognize and promote the health and safety of children, families, and child care providers.

What does a Child Care Health Consultant do?

  • Provide training and technical assistance on health and safety issues (i.e. health screening and immunization records)
  • Review health, safety, and nutrition practices
  • Assist in developing and reviewing written policies, procedures, and health records review
  • Link children, families, and child care providers with community health resources (i.e. health screenings, health insurance)
  • Provide on-site classroom health and safety consultation
  • Provide infectious/communicable disease information
  • Support child care providers who care for children with special health care needs (e.g. asthma)
  • Provide telephone consultation
  • Staff and parent training programs to increase skills and knowledge

What are the benefits of a Child Care Health Consultant to your Child Care Program?

  • Improve health and safety and reduce illness and injury in the child care environment
  • Enhance child care programs to enable children to achieve optimal brain, emotional, and physical development
  • Increase staff skills, knowledge, and confidence

What qualifications should the Child Care Health Consultant have?

  • Current health professional license
  • Knowledge of, and respect for the child care industry and child care providers
  • Knowledge of pediatric health care and child development
  • Knowledge of community, state, and national resources
  • Knowledge of local and state child care regulations
  • Supportive attitude in working with culturally diverse populations

How do you select a Child Care Health Consultant?

  • Interview for the best qualified consultant for you and your staff
  • Check professional experience and qualifications (have they completed any certification programs or education to be able to work within child care)
  • Sign a contract describing all services to be provided