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PMAT Training

Pre-Medication Administration Training is a strict curriculum mandated by VDSS which covers only the administration of prescription topical creams, ointments, gels and Epinephrine pens. The class is useful for centers that need extra staff certified to cover on an as-needed basis such as a field trip. The class is video driven and a sample of the required forms is included in the class handouts. MAT is required for the Twin Pack Epinephrine pens.
Student materials: Handout and supplies are provided by the instructor.

Student to instructor ratio: 25:1
Class fee: $35 per person (Ask about our group rates)

Approximate class length: 2 hours

There is no written test. Certificates are issued the day of class and are good for three years. Family Day Home Providers can count PMAT as 2 credit hours of annual training.
EpiPen 1
VDSS requires that participants be at least 18 years old, be literate (able to read & write) in the language of the healthcare providers instructions and in which parental permissions are written, have current CPR and First Aid and work in childcare. Copies of current CPR and First Aid cards must be faxed or  mailed to CCHC-VA to save your date.
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