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MAT Training Checklist

VDSS requires MAT/PMAT participants to meet the following criteria:
  • Be at least 18 years of age.Asthma 2
  • Be affiliated with a child day program.
  • Be literate (able to read and write) in the language of the healthcare provider instructions and the language in which parental permissions are written. This includes medication labels, inserts and printouts for medications
  • Have proof of current First Aid and CPR certifications.
  • Show photo identification on the day of class.
  • Provide the last four digits of social security number on the day of class.
Room for MAT class at your Facility:
  • Participants need adult sized chairs and tables. In order to set up skills practice areas, two or more tables are needed. Participants will need to be able to hear the presentation. A noisy environment outside of the classroom will make it difficult for participants to listen
CPR and First Aid:
  • Copies of current CPR and First Aid cards must be faxed or mailed to:  CCHC of Virginia before class to hold the date. See below:
Day of Class Registration:
  • Bring photo ID, which will be verified.
  • Provide last four digits of social of social security number.
  • Please be on time so that registration may be completed before class starts.
  • Note: Participants who fail to provide photo ID or social security information on day of class will not be allowed to participate in class and money will not be refunded.
Child 1Be prepared that class may last 8 to 10 hours. Length of class varies according to participants' experience, aptitude and ability to test. Skills testing and written test are required to earn a certificate. MAT covers volumes of material! Bring your lunch. The class has a tight schedule. Please plan cell phone calls for break time or lunch. Only participants may attend this class. Participants who leave class early will receive an incomplete score. Participants must be able to read medication labels (small print), handouts and written test (95 questions), so PLEASE bring reading glasses if necessary. If you do not pass your first written test, you may take a second test at another scheduled time. All class materials are in English only. Instructor speaks English only.
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