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Training Classes & Descriptions

Research has shown that caregivers who are better trained are better able to prevent, recognize, and correct health and safety problems.  Promoting learning and development in children, whose needs and abilities change at a rapid rate, requires skill.

Annual ongoing training provides caregivers an opportunity to learn the newest techniques for addressing children’s behavior, to discover the latest findings on what children need as they develop, and to refresh and re-energize their skills.  Some re-training on previously studied topics is necessary to keep skills and knowledge up-to-date.  (Info courtesy of VDSS Standards of Licensing)

Click on any of the below classes for a complete description:

Traditional  & Independent Study MAT Training

PMAT Training

Daily Health Observation

Food Safety & Nutrition

Safe Environments & Playgrounds

That “B” Word - Biting

Promoting Staff Health Safety

Reducing the Risk of SIDS in Childcare

Social & Emotional Competence

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